Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sobre el libre Rework: The Major Takeaways: If you're strapped for cash and still want to take away lessons from this book, just read the table of contents and then cross-reference those words with the 37signals blog. Jason and David do a heck of a job being straightforward about what they are writing about. For example, "Ignore the real world" (page 13) can be found on their website. In fact, a whole bunch of their content from Rework can be found on their website. To wit: "Learning from mistakes is overrated" (Rework, page 16): "Learning from failure is overrated" (Feb. 3rd, 2009)(SvN) "Planning is Guessing" (Rework, page 19): "The Planning Falacy" (Jun. 12th, 2009) (SvN) "Workaholism" (Rework, page 25): "Fire the workaholics" (Mar. 7th, 2008) (SvN) "Enough with 'Entrepreneurs'" (Rework, page 28): "The word entrepreneur and its baggage" (Apr. 22nd, 2009) (SvN) "Scratch your own itch" (Rework, page 34): "What's your problem?" (Getting Real) "No time is no excuse" (Rework, page 40): "There's always time to launch your dream" (Mar. 10, 2009) (SvN) "Outside Money is Plan Z" (Rework, page 50): "Fund yourself" (Getting Real)