Saturday, April 03, 2010

Una version mas filantropica de TED
Business Innovation Factory (BIF)
Para los que (como yo) nunca entendieron trifásica

Friday, April 02, 2010

Linda historia de Wikipedia:

“Just make them wait.” Everyone else in the world knows that no negotiation tactic is more useful with Americans, because no one places more value on time, no one has less patience when things slow down, and no one looks at their wristwatches more than Americans do. Edward T. Hall in his seminal writing[41] is best at explaining how the passage of time is viewed differently across cultures and how these differences most often hurt Americans. Even Americans try to manipulate time to their advantage, however. As a case in point, Solar Turbines Incorporated (a division of Caterpillar) once sold $34 million worth of industrial gas turbines and compressors for a Russian natural gas pipeline project. Both parties agreed that final negotiations would be held in a neutral location, the south of France. In previous negotiations, the Russians had been tough but reasonable. But in Nice, the Russians were not nice. They became tougher and, in fact, completely unreasonable, according to the Solar executives involved. It took a couple of discouraging days before the Americans diagnosed the problem, but once they did, a crucial call was made back to headquarters in San Diego. Why had the Russians turned so cold? They were enjoying the warm weather in Nice and weren’t interested in making a quick deal and heading back to Moscow! The call to California was the key event in this negotiation. Solar’s headquarters people in San Diego were sophisticated enough to allow their negotiators to take their time. From that point on, the routine of the negotiations changed to brief, 45-minute meetings in the mornings, with afternoons at the golf course, beach, or hotel, making calls and doing paperwork. Finally, during the fourth week, the Russians began to make concessions and to ask for longer meetings. Why? They could not go back to Moscow after four weeks on the Mediterranean without a signed contract. This strategic reversal of the time pressure yielded a wonderful contract for Solar.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Finalmente logré una entrada para TEDxBsAs!! Nos vemos el 8 de abril !
Fallo en Argentina que obliga a tomar el bonus como parte de la indemnizacion.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Happiness is nature´s way of informing human resources that you are overpaid" Excelente Dilbert, como siempre

Monday, March 29, 2010

La asimetría de información mata los mercados ( ) al no poder fijar precios. Lo mismo pasa con la inflación.
Las ciudades se crearon para protegerse de la inseguridad, y justamente ahora son el lugar m'as inseguro. (idea robada a Zigmunt Bauman).
Sabidur'ia popular (de un cami'on que vi hoy). La plata no cambia a la gente, solo le quita la mascara.