Friday, March 21, 2003

/**/ There are several markets that can be attcked just by avoiding using common paradigms. The more exposed one is the car market.
Mainly every single car maker is making cars far more expensive that what they should be, and even worse, they are creating unreliable cars as long as we keep buying them. As exposed in "The Inovators Dilemmna" there are very simple things that you can change ata given market that will have huge impact on sales.
/**/ For cars, a really easy and cheap thing to do would be to add a second lamp to every ligth (stop ligths in particulary), to help the driver avoid an infraction becouse one is them is dead. This is the simple kind of things that car makers don't think of becouse their minds are dominated by many years of tradition. The solution is simple to brake free from that. Cars that are refrigerated using presurized water can take temperature for over 90Celsius thus improving eficiency. The only reason this is notdone is becouse originally cars that used water as a cooler, didn't have a presirized system. This, in turn meant that when the temperature went over 100Celsius you would end up with a real big proble (pipes exploding, etc.). Technology have improve a lot since then, and nowadays a standar fuel engine can ride at about 120Celsius without any change. As a precaution a good idea would be to use 3 termostats instead oof just one. You add a simple circuit that takes the 3 reading. When one of them differ, it discards tha value and report the problem to the driver so the car can be taken to a service station.
/**/ Other simple evolution that car makers are resisting is electric vehicules. Simply put, there's no place where to buy a simple design 2 seater electric car. Clearly, Corbin Sparrow ( is a great idea with a really bad price tag. What we need to learn from the Sparrow is that a 3 wheels vehicule is not a car, so you don't need to pass crash test nor any kind of expensive certification.
You can get a couple of cheap (under U$S 250 each) scooters from (the Volt Electric Scooter seems to be the best price/performer , remove one of the front wheels, add a plexiglass floor to join them and a plexiglass canopy for the ceiling and you have a small cheap car that can ride for 12 miles without recharging (at lest, one Scooter alone can do 12 miles, probably you can go much further using both). This will cost you far less than U$S1000, something no car maker has dare to do (thoug they can). If you want longer autonomy, you can add a couple of flexible solar panels ( or or on the roof of the car. With that you can charge the battery in about 12 hours of continous Sun exposure. It will cost you between U$S300-500. Not really that expensive.
/**/ Dynamic pages make it imposible for search engines to index them, thus, since this trend is growing, in the near future, it will be imposible to find any kind of information.
/**/ Unfortunatelly for the world, USA, Horst Kohler and the hole IMF are against globalization. Mister Kohler is right when he said on march 9 2003 that "... globalization is a crucial engine of growth ..." ( but his actions goes against what he says. Not USA nor mister Kohler want the world to become one grat nation. The only way to reduce misery and poverty is trhough globalization. We need to be able to sell everything we want without any customs fee, we need to be able to travel to any part of the world without any "inmigration office" restriction (criminal screening must be perform nevertheless), we need to use one and only one currency (Euro is the best choice, since it's not control by only one despotic country).
/**/ What's also very important for such an effort is to have a common world-wide TAX law. I firmly belive that the only thing that need to be TAXed is capital. It is really easy to control. Just check every bank account, every house, every car, every boat, etc find the owner, and request from him the corresponding receipt. If you combine this with 0% TAX for everything else (particulary profit and revenue), you will force money flow. Simply put, if money stay still (in the bank or in a unused house) it will erode, if it's used to generate more money (investments, new companies, etc) and they work out fine, this money will grow without any TAX on the grow itself, only to the new capital. This is the single most important measure for a TAX policy of any country. This even works for corrupt countries. In those cases, inspectors will request for the corresponding receipts to capital owners, just to be able to make some fraudulent money, to avoid this, capital owners have only one choice but to paid.
/**/ Before posting some new idea to any site, first post it as a reply to a post on Slashdot, just then you can publish it where ever you wan't, thus avoiding any big corp to register it before you and forbidding the hole world to profit from it.
/**/ Video Streaming (VS) and Video on Demand (VoD) is going to be replace by the far simpler and more efficient FTP. Nowadays if you want to add (VoD) capabilities to existing cable TV (CATV) networks, you need not only to have a new two-way network, but also an expensive set-top box. Just replace all that with a standar PC (nice new cage) with a standar OS (Linux with filesystem encryption is a great chioce) that has all the films you are currently charging for. New films are sent trhough a dedicated encrypted channel using FTP, and old ones are deleted following channel rules.
/**/ Customer has to pay to watch any desire film. Once a month the have to connect this set-top box to a phone line, in order for the provider to have the list of viewed films, so the customer can be charge for that. If any giving month the set-top box fails to report to the network, the channel can send someone to the client's house to check personally why the report hasn't been perform.
/**/ This is the perferct solution for VoD that works with existing broadcast technology (even air channels).

Thursday, March 20, 2003

/**/ Microbiologists at the University of North Carolina said they had examined two of the smallest known bacteria, a kind known as Mycoplasma. Their minimum set of genes -- the ones needed to survive and replicate in a nutrient-rich environment -- from 265 to 350, said the researchers, who told reporters that building a cell from scratch no longer appears impossible.
/**/ The BBC reported, scientists working at the Institute for Genome Research in Maryland announced that they believe they have found the essence of life - at least on a genetic level - which comes down to about 300 genes. This is the minimum set of molecular instructions required to build a living organism. "It [the building of such an organism] would clearly be creating a new species of life that does not exist," conceded Dr. Craig Venter, founder of the Institute for Genetic Research (TIGR) and the head of the Celera Genomics Corporation.
/**/ Dynamic pages make it imposible for seacrh engines to index them, thus, since this trend is growing, in the near future, it will be imposible to find any kind of information.