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M. John Harrison, La invocación Libro para leer

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Educación gratuita


Now, saving the best for last, is the one thing that universities do better than anyone: teach. All of these projects are nice, but many schools are also open-sourcing and sharing their courses. They’re sharing the course materials, streaming video lectures, and even organizing the kind of study groups and grading sessions that turn a lecture or a book into a full course.

There are dozens of good courses, so it’s possible to knit together a complete degree for free (or a low cost). These two GitHub repositories are pointers to a few of the real courses out there. Drink deeply because you won’t be limited by, say, tuition.

Institution: Many universities
GitHub: and

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Un verano, una novela escrita por Damián Huergo

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Si estás cansado, dibuja flores.

Si estás enojado, dibuja líneas.

Si te duele algo, esculpe.

Si estás aburrido, llena una hoja de papel con colores diferentes.

Si estás triste, dibuja un arcoíris.

Si tienes miedo, teje macramé o elabora aplicaciones de telas.

Si sientes angustia, haz una muñeca de trapo.

Si estás indignado, rompe el papel en pedazos pequeños.

Si estás preocupado, practica origami.

Si estás tenso, dibuja patrones diferentes.

Si necesitas recordar algo, dibuja laberintos.

Si estás decepcionado, haz una réplica de una pintura.

Si estás desesperado, dibuja caminos.

Si necesitas entender algo, dibuja mandalas.

Si necesitas restablecer las energías, dibuja paisajes.

Si quieres entender tus sentimientos, dibuja un autorretrato.

Si es importante recordar tu estado, dibuja manchas de colores.

Si necesitas sistematizar tus pensamientos, dibuja celdas o cuadrados.

Si quieres entender tus deseos, haz un collage.

Si quieres concentrarte en tus pensamientos, dibuja usando puntos.

Para encontrar la solución óptima a una situación, dibuja olas y círculos.

Si sientes que estás estancado y necesitas seguir adelante, dibuja espirales.

Si quieres concentrarte en una meta, dibuja cuadrículas y un blanco.

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Como manejar el tiempo

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015

1- When a group of people laughs, people instinctively look toward the group members they feel closest to (or want to feel closest to).

2- Chew gum or eat food if you’re doing something that would normally make you feel nervous. It tricks a primal part of your brain into thinking you couldn’t be in danger because you’re eating.

3- If somebody is angry at you and you stay calm, they’ll probably get angrier, but they’ll be ashamed at themselves later.

4- If you ask someone a question and they only give you a partial answer, maintain eye-contact and stay silent. The person answering will usually assume that the original answer wasn’t good enough, and they’ll keep talking.

5- Emotional expressions are one way to cause emotions. If you want to feel happy, smile as wide as you can.

6- Don’t say or write, “I think“ or ”I believe". It’s implied anyway, and it sounds like you lack confidence.

7- Before interviews, imagine your old friends with your interviewers. You’re in charge of the way you perceive your situation, and your comfort will be infectious.

8- If you make yourself be really happy and excited to see other people, the next time they see you, they’ll probably be a lot happier and more excited about it. (Dogs do this trick to us all the time!)

9- People are more likely to agree to a smaller favour if they deny a larger one or two first.

10- Many physical effects of stress are the same as those of exhilaration (e.g. heavy breathing, speeding heart, etc.) If you reframe your threatening situation as a challenging one, your stress will become exhilaration.

11- Most people can’t tell the difference between brilliance and confidence. If you seem like you know what you’re doing, people tend to rally around you.

12- If you work in customer service, put a mirror behind you. Customers will be nicer because nobody wants to see themselves being a jerk.

13- If you’re in a group meeting and expect someone to take you to task, sit right next to them. They’ll lose the pack mentality that makes them feel safe to attack you. At the very least, they’ll mitigate their meanness.

14- When you’re on a first date, take your date somewhere exciting. They’ll associate you with that thrilling feeling. Try to notice someone’s eye colour when you meet them. People like you more for the slightly increased eye contact.