Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Charlas de Ted que quiero ver:

Otro tema de psicologĂ­a de avanzada http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye_movement_desensitization_and_reprocessing

Monday, January 11, 2010

How to install Windows on a SSD 4GB Asus 900A.

I found a quite complete Guide at http://www.eeeguides.com/2007/11/installing-windows-xp-from-usb-thumb.html

I found several problems following those steps. The differences that I found are:

1- I first boot with Ubuntu 9.04 that I install on my 4GB SDHC card following Ubuntu netbook remix instructions. I then boot Ubuntu and install gparted package. Then I use Gparted to create a 1.7GB FAT16 filesystem on the 4GB internat SSD (if I create a larger drive installation fails, don´t now why).
2- I then follow the instructions of the eeeguides. First I format a 1 or 2GB USB Flash (no larger to avoid going to fat32) with USB_PREP8, then I follow the BootSec instructions, finally I run PeToUSB.
3- Is very important that you have an original legal Windows XP CD. If you download and ilegal Windows XP from Internet, not only it is ilegal but it is also very likely that it won´t work (PeToUSB will report is not a valid Windows) since most of the Windows images out there have been enlighted and are criped on the crucial files that you need for this to work.
4- When you first boot from USB, you need to select option "1" TXT setup. You then install it on the 1.7GB FAT partition (you can reformat it if you want).
5- After the TXT install finished, you need to boot one more time from the USB flash and select option 2, graphical install. It will continue installing Windows and will ask for the serial. Finally, it will restart a second time, once again you need to boot from the USB flash and select Graphical install. After all this final boot finished, you can umount the USB and next time you reboot from the SSD it will work fine.
6- You will need to convert the FAT16 to NTFS (Google it, is very easy).
7- Finally you need to use partition magic to growth the 1.7GB NTFS to use the whole disk and you are done!

Happy installing.
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